Domestics For Hire

The need for professional domestic services grows with each passing year. Life, complicated as it is, only grows more complex as time progresses. Often, homeowners and corporate offices are challenged to maintain the upkeep on the property. Businesses such as newspaper offices, dental clinics, corporate headquarters, medical offices, attorneys’ chambers and a plethora of other such centers require regular cleaning on a weekly basis at minimum. Hiring cleaning staff, therefore, becomes a primary business and personal consideration.

Domestics for hire perform all manner of sundry little tasks such as wiping down cabinets and the exterior surfaces of electrical appliances, dusting furniture, emptying waste receptacles, vacuuming carpets and mopping floors, and cleaning off the mirrors. Bathrooms entail their own challenges connected with cleaning and disinfecting the floors, walls, basins, bathtubs and toilets. And then there are the seasonal cleanings which are far more thorough, particularly in the spring when everything is expected to be fresh and sparkling.

Engaging domestic services depends upon a number of factors. These include the expected time periods for service, frequency, and rates. Most offices are usually attended to once a week and after business hours. Personal households are often serviced at least three times a week when cleaning tasks are involved. For those who need and can afford it, daily domestic service can be a boon to the family consumed with work and therefore lacking the time to attend to these matters themselves. Often, the charges for such services assessed by the hiring agency run to about $15-$20/hr. There is also a one-time agency fee to be paid by the client, but this also includes a year-long guarantee to cover the replacement of up to three domestics in the event of dissatisfaction with the work or their inability to perform their tasks. And in all cases, it is the responsibility of the client to provide materials such as cleaning tools and solutions.

Often, cleaning service on an ad-hoc basis is all that is necessary. A sudden need for domestics can be as easily arranged as contract work, just by booking for a particular day and a three or four hour session to take care of all the tasks that are deemed necessary. In each such case, a one-time fee of between $110-$140 is charged and includes all cleaning and detailing work in the one visit. For more details on these and other services, visit the website at